Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Power of Positive Living

The more I delve into the different areas of holistic healing and natural medicines, the more I learn how closely affected our physical bodies are to our emotional and psychological bodies. Take stress, for instance. For some people when they are stressed or anxious, knots can form in the back or neck. For others, stomach issues can arise; and again, for others, migraines take over their bodies and even immune systems can drop so the common head and chest colds gain control over day to day living.

While some of these issues are truly medical concerns, a lot of these concerns can be initially eliminated by taking several minutes out a day for yourself. I will attempt to lay out a simple plan that has worked for me, and I am hoping will work for you as well!

1. Before you even get out of bed in the morning, mentally list all things you are grateful for. My list will sound something like this:
* I woke up to a brand new day! A brand new day means a brand new page of my life's book. What shall we write in it today?
* I have a hubby who adores me, and who also is adored by me. Whether I have a busy day or nothing to do, I have a cheerleader and support system already rooting for me before I even open my eyes!
* I will get puppy kisses today.
* I have the energy and passion to accomplish __________ today!
 2. Take five minutes to do several yoga poses and stretches. This gets your blood moving in the morning, and in the process of basic "exercise" you are able to mentally program your thought process for the day. Some different thoughts that I will think during my five minutes of yoga are:
- Breathe in alertness, breathe out sleep. Breathe in awakeness, breathe out sleep.
- Breathe in strength, breathe out weakness. Breathe in peace, breathe out anxiety.
- Breathe in the positive, breathe out the negative.
 3. Remember that in all instances, in every minute of your day, you are responsible for the way you perceive all things. If someone is ugly to you, your response is your decision.
"How people treat you is their karma... How you react is your own"
Taking ten minutes out of your day for yourself is a lot less strenuous and way more beneficial than taking trips to your chiropractor or having a label slapped on your for having IBS. These small things have helped slow me down, has relieved years worth of back pain and has all in all given me the power to positively change my day. The power of positive thinking leads to the power of positive living.


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  1. Wonderful and smart post! ~ Kelly B.