Wednesday, April 27, 2011

water: its raining gobbledygooks!!!

I found this website that is completely AMAZING. 

I haven't decided if I will share the actual site name in this post, or build up the suspense and then spring it on you when you least expect it. Either way, this website made my day. 
It is an alphabetical list of fun words. 
Words that no one really knows the meaning of, or even of their existence. 
Words that sound like pebbles crashing into each other at the bottom of a creek in the 
middle of a storm as they roll off the tip of your tongue. 
Such fun, incredible, ridiculous words. 

For instance, I learned today that like many other members of my immediate and extended family, 
I am a bibliobibuli. 
Yeah, thats right. 

This has been my boondoggle for eh, maybe the last hour or so. 

In my not-so-healthy addiction to this website, it occurred to me that some words make total and complete sense in their definition and origin. Others, not so much. 

Take these words for example:

sanguinary - bloodthirsty; murderous.

sanguine - cheerfully confident or optimistic; also, having a healthy, reddish color

How can these two VERY similar words have such opposing definitions?

Would a sanguinary sanguine be a sun burned, upbeat killer? 

Friday, April 15, 2011

water: normality vs. fantasy vs. nonsense

Most days (I've absent-mindlessly noticed), my thought process and general observations of things, people, feelings, etc., are somewhat expressed in a one-way interview format. I am not sure if this is a normal thing, or if I have multiple personalities, constantly talking to myself as other people.  

Wow. I cannot believe that you really just knocked on my door and asked me to make my dog stop barking. You. My only neighbor. Who consistently takes my laundry out of the washer and puts it ON TOP of the dryer so you can start YOUR OWN load of laundry. You. You know what? I will make my dog stop barking when you make your crazy, psychotic cats stop running in your apartment, back and forth, back and forth, like they are training for the Ironman Triathalon. Are you serious? Make my dog stop barking. She will stop barking when YOU stop barking, ya old witch. 

And the thing is? My neighbor really is a sweetheart! 
Most days... 

Its almost as if I have a perpetual tape recorder in my mind, playing conversations that never have occurred. Is this normal? 
Do other people experience this as well??

I guess I just always want to be prepared to say the "right" thing when I am confronted?
Who knows. 

Oh the brain. What a curious, curious thing...

I remember my mother one time having a conversation with my sister in law, about always thinking. 
She just told my mother that when she is tired of thinking about something, she just turned her brain off. 
Mom and I still ponder this phenomenon to this day. 
HOW, exactly, do you turn your brain off?  

Which makes me think of that ago old tune from that age old musical based off that age old book. 
"If I Only Had a Brain"

And in closing, I leave you with a quote from my all time favorite, 
the incredible Dr. Seuss. 

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. 
Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. 
It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. 
Which is what I do. 
And that enables you to laugh at life's realities.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

water: i feel pretty

some days i just want to look pretty. working full time at the cafe up until recently never really allowed me that chance. constantly covered in mayo and grease doesnt do much for one's "pretty" factor. now doing childcare, i find myself throwing jeans and a t-shirt on, which sometimes looks cute, but rarely...

today i felt the need to look pretty. 

i showered (yes, that is something worth mentioning) before noon, and even washed my hair (again, something worth mentioning). foundation, bronzer, AND eye makeup applied. hair (kinda) done. i mean, i didnt blow dry or straighten it, that would have been too much work. but at least its curly and pulled back into what my adoring hubby calls a "cheese biscuit". not sure why, but thats what it is now deemed. 

then the clothes. 

skinny jeans/ capris. brown tank top. ADORABLE new white shirt (that the again adoring hubby bought for me last night). and multi toned brown wedges that have a silver buckle on the toe and are at least four inches high. 

in my head, this was an adorable outfit. 

i put it on and felt like a puerto rican coke princess from 1987. 

but i feel pretty...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

water: "Jog, Fwog, Jog!"

Will, my daily five year old responsibility, is in Kindergarten, and is learning how to read. So, after school (PM classes) everyday, we have reading time. Sometimes it is school assigned, and sometimes it is Dayna assigned. Either way, it is an entertaining adventure. 

Yesterday, it was "Jog, Fwog, Jog!". (Translated "Jog, Frog, Jog!" for all of you that CAN pronounce your "r's"). At one point in the midst of reading time, I tell Will to NOT look at the pictures and guess the words, but to sound them out. His response? 

"Oh! THAT'S why they call this a "weading" book!"

Being with Will so many hours a day, makes John and I both wonder what our children will be like. Will they look just like us (Will is the spitting image of his mother)? Will they have a ton of energy or be content "weading" a book? Will they be carrying on intellectually stimulating conversations at three? We often joke that our children will be wearing tie-dye and flip flops, with dreadlocks in their hair at the impressionable age of four. 

Which then always throws our conversations back to when WE were children. Oh, the memories...

Sitting on Dad's lap while he read "I Can Read With My Eyes Shut". 
With his eyes shut. 

I shall never forget those inspirational words...

So with that in mind, I am going to go grab my new novel, lounge on the couch with my coffee in hand, cuddle with my puppy, and have a little "weading" time...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

water: a first for everything

being a stay at home wife now has its many advantages. 

my house is (sort of) clean. i have a hot dinner ready for john (almost) every night. and i have amazing philanthropic conversations with my attentive puppy, dharma, an entertaining five year old who readily responds to me with the transformers theme song or "sticking" me with spidey's web, and myself. 

i can only call john so many times during the day. 

so my light bulb solution this morning was (drum roll please...) to blog. 

i am no author. i am no visionary. i am no intellectual genius. 

i am a wife, daycare provider, pet owner, piano teacher, and now a BLOGGER. 

there is a first for everything...