Thursday, April 14, 2011

water: i feel pretty

some days i just want to look pretty. working full time at the cafe up until recently never really allowed me that chance. constantly covered in mayo and grease doesnt do much for one's "pretty" factor. now doing childcare, i find myself throwing jeans and a t-shirt on, which sometimes looks cute, but rarely...

today i felt the need to look pretty. 

i showered (yes, that is something worth mentioning) before noon, and even washed my hair (again, something worth mentioning). foundation, bronzer, AND eye makeup applied. hair (kinda) done. i mean, i didnt blow dry or straighten it, that would have been too much work. but at least its curly and pulled back into what my adoring hubby calls a "cheese biscuit". not sure why, but thats what it is now deemed. 

then the clothes. 

skinny jeans/ capris. brown tank top. ADORABLE new white shirt (that the again adoring hubby bought for me last night). and multi toned brown wedges that have a silver buckle on the toe and are at least four inches high. 

in my head, this was an adorable outfit. 

i put it on and felt like a puerto rican coke princess from 1987. 

but i feel pretty...


  1. you're pretty spectacular yourself, my dear!!

  2. Reminds me of my favorite song as a kid.