Wednesday, April 27, 2011

water: its raining gobbledygooks!!!

I found this website that is completely AMAZING. 

I haven't decided if I will share the actual site name in this post, or build up the suspense and then spring it on you when you least expect it. Either way, this website made my day. 
It is an alphabetical list of fun words. 
Words that no one really knows the meaning of, or even of their existence. 
Words that sound like pebbles crashing into each other at the bottom of a creek in the 
middle of a storm as they roll off the tip of your tongue. 
Such fun, incredible, ridiculous words. 

For instance, I learned today that like many other members of my immediate and extended family, 
I am a bibliobibuli. 
Yeah, thats right. 

This has been my boondoggle for eh, maybe the last hour or so. 

In my not-so-healthy addiction to this website, it occurred to me that some words make total and complete sense in their definition and origin. Others, not so much. 

Take these words for example:

sanguinary - bloodthirsty; murderous.

sanguine - cheerfully confident or optimistic; also, having a healthy, reddish color

How can these two VERY similar words have such opposing definitions?

Would a sanguinary sanguine be a sun burned, upbeat killer? 

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