Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Death of Sour Patch Kids

I am addicted to Sour Patch Kids. The way that those little pieces of candy perform a perfectly orchestrated sweet and sour tango upon my tongue makes me shiver with delight every time I pop one into my mouth. I don’t get them often; I would be twice my size if I did!
Everyone deals with some sort of addiction at some point in their life. It may be you. It may be a family member. It may be a friend. In this day and age addiction is something that bombards us wherever we go and even if we do not go anywhere.
What can we do to break that addictive cycle in our lives? For some, it is replacing one addiction for another. Some recovering alcoholics will slowly over time replace their bottle with their work. Is this any better? Both the drink and the work will drive a wedge between loved ones, will cause physical infirmities and will essentially be the death of the addicted.
Where does this addictive personality come from? Is it genetic or is it an escape from truly knowing yourself? Most children who have alcoholic parents will drive themselves into patterns of gluttony, workaholism, or alcoholism themselves. Is this a sign of a genetic disorder? Or is this a behavior trait passed from one generation to the next of how to be oblivious to both your current surroundings and yourself?
If you are struggling with addictive behaviors, you are not alone. My grandfather was an alcoholic and my father is a workaholic. My addictive tendencies manifest themselves in different areas, one being Sour Patch Kids. Harmless? Not if I let those little guys control my life.
Turn your TV and computer off. Turn your iPod off. Close the refrigerator door. Put your magazines away. Take a day off. Make a date with yourself and get to know yourself over a cup of coffee. Meditate. Figure out who you really are and overcome these patterns with a healthy mindset of authority, control and belief. Fill the voids of your life with positive thinking! Then, and only then, will you have the power to overcome your addictions!

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