Friday, January 20, 2012

Life is Good.

She cautiously steps out of the vehicle, warily gazing upon her new surroundings. Her life has been good – no, great – for the most part, and she anxiously walked about. The house was quiet and was situated on four acres of sprawling green grass. With not another soul in sight, she set out to explore.
A little creek was nestled at the edge of the property, and she dipped first her left foot into then, then the right. Before she knew it she was splashing around and became reminiscent of times past.
The creek was splendid, but the feeling of the grass between her toes made her shiver with delight. She found that the faster she walked, the faster she wanted to walk. Before she knew it, her snow white hair was cascading down her back and behind her, and she was running towards the house.
It was apparently close to meal time, because her food was set out for her when she arrived back at the house. Appreciating such a glorious day, she ate her food, found a nice shady spot of grass under a tree, and laid down for a long afternoon nap.
“Life is good”, she thought.

Not all of us may have the luxury of playing in creek beds, running through acres of green grass, or taking a nap under a tree, but we all have the choice to think, “Life is good”.

Did you wake up this morning? Life is good.
Did you take a hot shower? Life is good.
Did your car start today? Life is good.
Did you receive a hug from a child today? Life is good.
Have you had a cup of coffee today? Life is good.
Do you have loved ones in your life? Life is good.
Turn on some music, draw a bubble bath, light some candles, and pour some wine. Life is good.
Even in times when things are hard… Life is good.

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